decided it was time for a treat yo self moment and splurged on a ticket to Hamlet 

there were only 13 left and it’s in two days and it’s being put on by the Globe’s traveling cast and it looks so good because they have two different actors interchanging as Hamlet and that’s such a cool concept and ahhhhhh



BuzzFeed must have lots of fangirls as employees…



When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like


okay but the guy in blue gets up and hold onto the back of the red guys shirt like a small child or perhaps a duckling

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this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

*laughs irl*

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🌳🌿🍃 green is back!
Cobb, Harper Quad, Burton-Judson

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"All you need to know about Sansa in this book is that she has a direwolf – a giant, monstrous wolf, a half-mythological monster, a killing machine – and she names it Lady."

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You’re goddamn right she did.

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  • me: no one ever texts me
  • *gets a text*
  • me: wtf do you want

└ River meets Twelve for the first time.

inspired by [x]

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These are just the right mix of douchy and nerdy I was looking for.

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"Oliver might be catching up to how some of the audience feels in that maybe there’s a life with her. This season, particularly the premiere episode, is Oliver questioning whether there’s a life beyond the hood. Can he be Oliver Queen and the Arrow at the same time? One of the things about being Oliver would be what kind of romantic life he could have?Let’s just say, Oliver is the one who has trouble completing sentences."

Andrew Kreisberg talks season 3 and Olicity with THR (x)

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My balls are pretty big. There’s a confidence that my sisters and I were raised with. After my dad died, my mom moved us from Queens back to the Dominican Republic. A very macho sort of place. But my mom raised us to know that we are equal to anyone. Whenever we went out, if we were meeting other people, my mom would always say, “I hope you like them.” Not “I hope they like you.” We were the most important.

Zoe Saldana for The Hollywood Reporter (August 2014)

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Starring Richard Armitage...

”A man always looks good in a dark suit” - Greg Kinnear

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